Centralized Sudoers management with Data control

If you own a very powerful business, you need to take care of your privileged data. Most are the times that you cannot manage or track what every user does when they log in to your servers. However, with privilege managers such as BeyondTrust and PowerBroker, you can be able to achieve this quicker, efficiently and at a subsidized cost. With these privilege managers for Sudo, you have a chance to make centralized policies, track each users logging details and you can change the management of sudoers files.

What are the benefits of managing centralized sudoers?

As an administrator or an IT expert, managing centralized sudoers come with many benefits. They include:

1.1. It allows for full change management

With proper management of privileges, you can approve changes, the various version controls and the rollback of the centralized sudoer files. With this, an administrator may be able to notice any abnormal behaviors thereby being in a position where he can eliminate the possible threats.

1.2. It simplifies file management

Centralized sudoers management with data control features helps the administrator manage the sudoer files easily. For instance, you can choose to move all the sudoer files to a centralized location where you will be able to monitor all of them. From here, there is no chance that anything of interest will evade you.

In addition to that, enhanced policy groupings allow the administrator to define user roles running through the enterprise easily.

1.3. Allows for centralizing of log data

When you centralize the sudoers, you have the power to record all the eventlogs. Normally, all the commands that various users issue are recorded and centralized by PowerBroker eventlog. In case of any problem, you can revisit the eventlog and extract the possible cause of threat.

1.4. Saves time

With this type of management, you can easily monitor what various users are doing online. As opposed to before, today it is possible that you can monitor various users at the same time thereby making the process convenient and time saving. You also use less effort to achieve this as compared to before.

1.5. Helps in cutting costs

In the past, it was very difficult to monitor what various users did online. On the fewer times when this was possible, the administrators used many financial resources to achieve this that they ended up making severe loses. However, with the centralized sudoers system available today, it is possible to monitor everything at a subsidized cost. This works to the advantage of administrators and IT experts.


Centralized sudoers management with data control allows various IT experts and administrators to monitor the events that go on around their vicinity. This allows for full management in a simplified and cheaper way.

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