The files are not destroyed. And if they are destroyed, then not completely. Therefore, keep your tail with a gun, use programs to Data Recovery from a flash drive. 

R.Saver :

The intuitive application works with familiar file systems like FAT and NTFS, and with server ones like JFS, HFS, etc. It will help you recover files in all popular operating systems: from Windows and Mac to Linux, Unix and even Novel Netware. 

Able to do the following:

  • recovers files from a flash drive after a complete erasure (formatting);
  • resumes data based on their signatures;
  • find the missing sections (if the system does not want to read them);
  • checks file systems for errors;
  • reads unusual systems like ZFS, Ext2-Ext4, HFS+, etc.

System requirements are democratic, so it will work even on older PCs. The key requirement is an Intel-based chipset. You need to run the program only from the partition where recovery will not be carried out. If infa is restored from drive D, the program starts from drive C, and vice versa.

Transcend RecoveRx :

Program for formatting and recovering data on memory cards. From the name it is clear that it was developed in Transcend , but the app works with any flash media.

Data Recovery

Application features include:

  1. Quick format flash drive.
  2. Russian-language interface.
  3. Data recovery even from an empty recycle bin.
  4. Protect data and set passwords on USB drives.
  5. Resuscitation of documents: from mp3 tracks to ISO images.
  6. Recovery of files affected by viruses.

Puran File Recovery :

App for working with corrupted or deleted Youtube data. Works with any media – from HDD and USB flash drives to disks and microSD flash drives. 

The application works with formatted and RAW disks.

  • 3 modes – basic, in-depth (the system is checked byte by byte) and full scan (infa is searched even from remote partitions);
  • recognizes more than 50 formats;
  • restores files affected by viruses;
  • works with “broken” media;
  • reanimates the data after the complete removal of information (formatting) of the disk;
  • advanced filters – the application will simplify the search for the necessary documents;
  • when scanning, it will show the status of the file in order to understand how recoverable it is.