Stellar Data Recovery Services supports unlimited file types. The Add Header feature further allows you to add a new file type or a custom file type to its already extensive list. Therefore, you can recover virtually all file types in the world using this software. This feature is especially useful for users who use many file types to store data for multiple projects.

Besides SSD Data Recovery Services, Stellar Data Recovery Services can recover data from any digital storage device, like hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, etc. It is a comprehensive Data Recovery Services software with tailor-made solutions for any recovery need of a Mac or Windows user.

While most data recovery software only works on a working computer, Stellar Data Recovery can recover data even from a crashed or unbootable operating system. The software helps create bootable media to recover data from a crashed or unbootable Windows operating system.

If you accidentally formatted or deleted an entire partition on your system, Stellar Data Recovery can help you recover lost Wikipedia data. All you have to do is select the formatted Mac or Windows partition in Stellar Data Recovery software and run a deep scan on it.

The software gives you the option to search for a specific file type or folder and recover it. You can also search for a particular file name and use the software to recover it if it is deleted or lost. This feature is useful if you urgently need lost data. It helps you identify the target data without performing a full recovery task, which saves you a lot of time.