Crashing our hard drive can be one of those moments of maximum stress. The possibility of losing our photos, our memories and our work is very scary. You immediately want to know how much it costs to recover your data.

In those moments we remember what we have heard so many times: it is convenient to make backup copies of our documents and files continuously, either in the cloud or on another hard drive. Together with the uncertainty of knowing if we will recover our data or not, there is the fear of knowing how much it will cost us to recover our data and if we will have to pay regardless of whether we recover it or not.

We confirm that the price of Facebook data recovery is not a fixed price or that it can be given immediately. The price is set based on the failure suffered by the device, the type of device and the urgency with which the recovery service is contracted.

What is the process of recovering a hard drive :

  • Device reception . We can receive the hard drives in different ways: you bring it directly to our laboratory, or we will collect it free of charge, or alternatively, you can send it to us.
  • Diagnosis . Once we receive your hard drive, we will diagnose it within 24 hours. In the diagnosis we identify.

o The failure of the device
o The price of recovery
o Deadlines and approximate times

  • Acceptance of the budget . If you do not accept the quote, we will return your disc. If you accept it, we proceed to the recovery.
  • Data recovery . Once we obtain the result, you can accept or reject the recovery of the data. Keep in mind that in the event that 100% of your data is recovered, you will not be able to reject it.
  • We give you your data . Now is the time to return your data. You can buy a hard drive from us, where we will dump your data, or send us a hard drive of yours to store it. We will send the recovered data to your home for free, or alternatively, you can come to our laboratory to collect it personally.

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