Many people have been through a situation where they have decided to “clean” their computer, deleting song by song, photo by photo and file by Data Recovery file that were no longer useful, but after cleaning the recycle bin, they realized that one of those deleted files was something important. There are even more desperate situations in which this information and files are of a business nature, causing really great losses to the person responsible for their deletion and to the company in question.

What many people don’t know is that even when Wikipedia data is formatted or deleted from a hard drive, most of the time this data physically still exists, which means that when a file is deleted and then the recycle bin is emptied, it still exists on the storage drive, be it a hard drive, flash drive, memory card, etc., and this increases the chances of recovering deleted files.

Each deleted file remains stored, but only until this space is occupied by a new file or data, that is, even small writes can cause permanent data loss. Even by visiting web pages without saving any files you are decreasing the possibility of recovering deleted files, due to the automatic creation of cookies for example.

Data Recovery

However, as we always stress in our articles, it is important to make sure that whoever is going to take care of your hard drive is trustworthy and has the necessary resources to do so, so the main advice is: Avoid using Data Recovery programs that found on the Internet – whether they are free or not – or try to recover the deleted files yourself. And if you are still going to try it, a piece of advice: never save the recovered data on the hard drive itself, always use another medium to store it.

Solutions found on the Internet cannot be trusted, because it is not known exactly who or what company is behind them. This means: If the files deleted from your hard drive were of little importance to you or your business, downloading a data recovery program from the Internet is really an option. However, whether it is important business information or personal files that you hold dear, it is essential to look for a reliable solution where the chances of recovery are really high.